Kiran, my sherpa

Kiran was my sherpa during the trek through the Annapurna Range, in Nepal. He was small, sweet and always had a smile on his face. He talked very little and used to sing while walking. His favourite song was Resham Firiri, a lovely folk song about the swirling wind that lives in the Himalayas. Sometimes he spoke nepali, so I learned I few words. Rambru means wonderful, Chitu-chito means very fast, Jam-jam means let's go, Danebat means thank you, Derrei rambru means 'super wonderful'.
I wanted so much to know about Kiran. During the hours we spent together I asked him about his childhood, about the remote village where he had been born, about being a sherpa. One day I asked him if he had a girlfriend. He smiled and answered: No money, no honey...

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